To help police, fire and EMS staff respond as quickly as possible to emergencies, the city is reminding the public to reserve calls to 911 for police, fire and EMS emergencies only.
Below are numbers that residents can call for various issues that do not require a police, fire or EMS response
Power outages and downed powerline's: DTE 800-477-4747.
 ATT phone outages: 800-288-2020.
Traffic Signals: If traffic signals are lit but not functioning properly, please call 313-224-3401.
 If Traffic signals are not
, please call DTE at 800-477-4747.
Downed Trees: Residents can report downed City trees or limbs using the Improve Detroit app or by calling 313-628-0900.  Note: The city of Detroit is responsible for trees between the sidewalk and the curb. It also will remove trees or limbs that have fallen from private property into the roadway or across sidewalks. 
Street or Basement Flooding: Street flooding or catchment basins should be reported to DWSD through the Improve Detroit App.
 Basement back ups can be reported by calling the DWSD immediately at 313-267-7401.