September marks 1 year since our operations began. A year ago, materials were being moved from 2 restaurants in West Village to 1 Urban Farm in Detroit.

Now materials are being moved from 45 restaurants, offices, food pantries, bars, coffee shops, pizza joints, food trucks, breweries, synagogues, to various urban farms in Detroit and central Oakland County. Residential composting will be expanded from Detroit to Grosse Pointe, Ferndale, and Royal Oak beginning this month with delivery option of fresh, Detroit grown, organic produce.

Despite the recent growing pains, challenges from ignorance and lying neighbors, and the Fake 2 (Fox 2) Problem Causers, things have settled down and we now have a better grip on operations. This is 300 Gallons of spent Brewers grain picked up from Detroit Beer Co, Eastern Market Brewery, and Jamex Brewing.


Any residential (or commercial) properties need Yard Cleanup Services? Removal of dead leaves from the fall, sticks, and old brush. Please call or text 586-350-7837 if so.