January 23, 2019
Weekly features & showtimes
The Academy Award and Film Independent Spirit Award nominations were announced this week, and both concurred with the feedback we are getting from you all. If Beale Street Could Talk (nominated for three Oscars and three Spirits) is held over as is Glenn Close in The Wife. Close has been nominated for an Academy Award 7 times (!) now...will this be her year? We think it should be. You have another week to see for yourself. Check out the showtimes for both films below.
Thursday Jan. 24 brings your last chances to catch Adult Life Skills. See below for showtimes.
Coming soon: Nominated for the Best Foreign Language Picture Academy Award, Cold War starts Friday, February 01. More info below.
Last chances for Adult Life Skills
Anna (Jodie Whittaker) is comfortable living in her mom’s garden shed making funny videos all day, but as she approaches 30, she starts feeling the pressure to move on and “grow up” without compromising her youthful spirit. (c) Screen Media Films
Not rated | Running time 1hr 36min | Comedy
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Thursday, Jan. 24: 5:15 | 9:30
If Beale Street Could Talk held over through Thursday, Jan. 31
Golden Globe — Best Supporting Actress–Motion Picture; Regina King
Critics' Choice — Best Supporting Actress: Regina King; Best Adapted Screenplay: Barry Jenkins
Academy Award Nominations — Best Supporting Actress: Regina King; Best Adapted Screenplay: Barry Jenkins; Best Score
Film Independent Spirit Awards — Best Feature; Best Director; Best Supporting Female
Based on the novel written by James Baldwin and directed by Academy Award winner Barry Jenkins, and set in early-1970s Harlem, If Beale Street Could Talk is a timeless and moving love story of both a couple’s unbreakable bond and the African-American family’s empowering embrace, as told through the eyes of 19-year-old Tish Rivers (KiKi Layne). A daughter and wife-to-be, Tish vividly recalls the passion, respect and trust that have connected she and her artist fiancé Alonzo Hunt, who goes by the nickname Fonny (Stephan James). Friends since childhood, the devoted couple dream of a future together but their plans are derailed when Fonny is arrested for a crime he did not commit. Through the unique intimacy and power of cinema, If Beale Street Could Talk honors the author’s prescient words and imagery, charting the emotional currents navigated in an unforgiving and racially biased world as the filmmaker poetically crosses time frames to show how love and humanity endure. (c) Annapurna Pictures
Amazing Fact: Barry Jenkins wrote the script for Beale Street at the same time he wrote the script for his previous film, Best Picture Oscar winner Moonlight.
Rated R | Running time 1hr 59min | Drama, literature
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Thursday, Jan. 24: 7:00 | 9:20 p.m.
Friday, Jan. 25: 4:30 | 7:00 | 9:20
Saturday, Jan. 26: 4:30 | 7:00 | 9:20
Sunday, Jan. 27: 4:30 | 7:00
Monday, Jan. 28: 7:00 | 9:20
Tuesday, Jan. 29: 7:00 | 9:20
Wednesday, Jan. 30: 7:00 | 9:20
Thursday, Jan. 31: 7:00 | 9:20
The Wife is held over through Thursday, Jan. 31
Golden Globe Winner — Best Actress in a Motion Picture–Drama: Glenn Close
Critics' Choice Winner — Best Actress: Glenn Close
Academy Award Nomination — Best Actress: Glenn Close
Film Independent Spirit Award Nomination — Best Female Lead: Glenn Close
After nearly forty years of marriage, Joan and Joe Castleman (Glenn Close and Jonathan Pryce) are complements: Where Joe is brash, Joan is shy. Where Joe is casual, Joan is elegant. Where Joe is vain, Joan is self-effacing. And where Joe enjoys his very public role as The Great American Novelist, Joan usually pours her considerable intellect, grace, charm, and diplomacy into the private role of Great Man’s Wife, keeping the household running smoothly, the adult children in close contact, and Joe’s pills dispensed on schedule. But this time, as Joe is about to receive the Nobel Prize, Joan’s had enough. Serving Joe notice that she wants no place on a pedestal as his passive muse. Instead of smoothing over everyone else’s problems, Joan finally reaches for self-determination. The Castleman marriage and literary legend will never be the same.
Directed by Berlin Silver Bear-winner Björn Runge, The Wife is adapted by Jane Anderson from the Meg Wolitzer novel of the same name. (c) Sony Pictures Classics
[Close] should win [an Oscar] because her performance was riveting, subtle and painfully naked in a film that explores the difficulties women face when pursuing a creative career, and not just the obvious ones....Glenn Close doesn’t need an Oscar to prove anything; she’s already proved it. But an institution that purports to reward excellence most certainly needs to give her one. For The Wife. — Los Angeles Times
Rated R | Running time 1hr 40min | Drama
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Thursday, Jan. 24: 7:30
Friday, Jan. 25: 5:00 | 7:30 | 9:35 p.m.
Saturday, Jan. 26: 5:00 | 7:30 | 9:35
Sunday, Jan. 27: 5:00 | 7:30
Monday, Jan. 28: 7:30 | 9:35
Tuesday, Jan. 29: 7:30 | 9:35
Wednesday, Jan. 30: 7:30 | 9:35
Thursday, Jan. 31: 7:30 | 9:35
Cold War starts Friday, February 01
From Academy Award-winning director Pawel Pawlikowski (2013's Ida), Cold War is short-listed for this year's Best Foreign Language Picture Oscar. It's a passionate love story between a man and a woman who meet in the ruins of post-war Poland. With vastly different backgrounds and temperaments, they are fatefully mismatched and yet condemned to each other. Set against the background of the Cold War in 1950s Poland, Berlin, Yugoslavia and Paris, it’s the tale of a couple separated by politics, character flaws and unfortunate twists of fate — an impossible love story in impossible times. 
Stay tuned for showtimes
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